Is there a minimum GPA to join AMSA?

Not at all! We have an open door policy, and we accept all students with the common interest of becoming future health professionals.

How do I join AMSA?

You can only join AMSA at the beginning of Fall or Spring semester. Applications open at an announced date, and a link will appear on the home page. The link will be very conspicuous. You must complete the application and turn in your dues by the deadline to become a member. If you do not complete the application AND pay dues by the deadline, you will not become a member of AMSA. If you encounter any difficulties while completing the application, please contact webmaster@ufpremed.org.

What does the application entail?

The application itself is entirely online. You will be asked to provide some basic information about yourself, like your name, gatorlink email, and UFID. You will then designate your top three committee choices. Information about each committee will be available on the application, but is also available at any time on the Committee Descriptions page.

After that, you will be asked about local and national membership preferences. When you are finished with your application, you must print your receipt and bring it into the AMSA office with your dues payment. Once you’ve done all of this, you are officially a member of UF Premed AMSA. It seems like a long, scary process, but it really isn’t. If at any point in your application you have questions or uncertainties about joining AMSA, please email secretary@ufpremed.org for help. That is what we are here for.

How do I pick the committee that’s right for me?


When you are completing your application, you will have to put down your top three choices for committees. You should definitely research your choices by looking on the Committee Descriptions page. If you’re still unsure which committee is the right fit for you, there is always AMSA Fair. At the beginning of each semester, while applications are open, we have our committees set up tables and talk to prospective members about requirements and committee goals for the year. Most members find this event both fun and informative, so you should plan to attend!

Can AMSA help me find research/shadowing opportunities?


Yes! Our Research and Physician Shadowing (RAPS) directors can help! They can provide you with the information you need to find a volunteering or research position. While they cannot guarantee research positions for you, they can give you the advice and contact information you need to put yourself out there! Because our directors do not work during breaks like Summer, you want to make sure that you secure their assistance before the end of the term.


Contact the RAPS directors at research@ufpremed.org.


What is the Mentor/Mentee program?

The Mentor/Mentee program is a program where we match up AMSA members based on their year in college. Third and fourth years who are further along in their pre-health requirements will be paired up with first and second years who are just beginning their pre-professional journey. The third and fourth year mentors can provide advice on classes, professors, majors, the MCAT, and many other things.

Where is the AMSA office?


The new AMSA office location will be announced soon!

Where and when are the meetings held?

Meetings are always Wednesday evenings at 7:00 PM unless otherwise noted. They are held about once a month, or about every three to four weeks. The location of meetings is either the MSB or HPNP Auditorium. You can find directions to the locations here.

What committee was I put in?

You will receive a welcome email from the directors of your committee. We cannot sort anyone until after the application deadline, so you will not know what committee you are in until after the applications are closed. On the main page and the listserv, we will announce when your welcome emails should arrive. If you do not receive the email within 48 hours, please email secretary@ufpremed.org and let us know!

Where can I find out about events?

General AMSA events will be posted on the Events Calendar page and will be posted as Events on the AMSA Facebook page as well. However, this will not necessarily reflect every event your committee has personally scheduled. You should talk to your committee directors to find out more!

What is Good Standing and how do I get it?


Good Standing is a measure of how active an AMSA member is. Every time you attend an event, it is your responsibility to check in so we can accurately keep track of your involvement. Some opportunities, like Equal Access Clinic Network membership, are only open to those members who are very active and in good standing.

Please refer to the following page for information on Good Standing.

Can I remain a member if I am not in Good Standing?


Yes. We do not require Good Standing to remain a member. As mentioned before, Good Standing is only an official measure of how active a member is within our organization, and some benefits of AMSA are only available to those active members.

Once I join, do I have to re-apply to remain a member?


Yes! You will only have to pay the National AMSA dues once, but you must re-apply and pay chapter dues every year to renew your UF AMSA membership. If you first joined in Fall, you will have to re-apply every Fall. If you joined in Spring, you will have to re-apply in Spring.  We admit that it is a little bit confusing, but the perks of being an AMSA member are well worth it!