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The Premedical Chapter of the American Medical Student Association at the University of Florida is the largest and most active premedical organization at the University of Florida, not to mention the largest AMSA chapter nationwide. With our focus on medicine, we are dedicated to supporting premedical students in their journey to become physicians. We offer unique volunteering opportunities, hands on medical experiences, peer advising, and more. Committees such as Health Outreach, Arts in Medicine, and Women in Medicine allow members to express themselves, impact their community, and interact in many areas of medicine. The Equal Access Clinic, serving Gainesville’s homeless and indigent population, is largely supported by the UF premed and medical AMSA chapters. Members have the unique experience of completing all patient intake and gaining first hand medical experience.

AMSA’s biggest strength is its open-door membership policy. All students with the common interest of becoming physicians are invited to join. We celebrate our diverse membership instead of restricting it to a select few. Members are encouraged to share experiences, whether it be interview questions, bad professors, great classes, or helpful advisors. With this inviting environment, members develop lifelong friendships and study groups. We know that every pre-med needs to take some time to relax and have fun, and our socials are tailored to be enjoyable to all. With our national affiliation to AMSA, members are able to continue on as medical members of AMSA, claiming up to eight years dedication to one organization upon entering residency. It is our ultimate goal to provide students with a unique and invaluable resource at UF.

Our Mission

The University of Florida Premedical Chapter of AMSA dedicates itself to the formation of strong fundamentals in premedical students through the enhancement of the premed experience in academic, community, and social settings. We believe that great physicians are, in part, determined by the choices they make while pursuing acceptance into medical school. These choices will ultimately shape the community, state, and nation in which we live. Our members will carry on this devotion to the medical profession for the rest of their careers as physicians.

Our Constitution

Guidance Toward Your Future Career in Health Care

UF Premed AMSA is dedicated to offering quality events. As such, we host two annual forums. The Medical College Forum is geared towards premedical students and provides information about the admissions process at a variety of medical schools and offer students the opportunity to interact with school representatives. The Health Career Convention reaches out specifically to high school students. This weekend-long forum encourages students to explore the many options available to them in the field of healthcare. If you would like to learn more about any of these forums, please visit their websites.

       Medical College Forum    Health Career Convention

Local Partnerships

UF Premed AMSA partners up with different local review companies to offer our members the best deals on class reviews and test preparations. To see which companies we have a partnership with, visit our local partnerships page.