Excused Absences

We understand that the first and foremost priority of a premed student is school. After all, if you spent all your time doing AMSA stuff, that would defeat the purpose of AMSA! We have created forms to fill out ahead of time so that you can be excused for any possible assembly exams, classes, or labs. Please note that this is just for the General Meetings, and does not apply to your committee events.

If your absence is a one-time deal, you will want to choose the form for an individual absence. If you have something, such as a lab or class, that conflicts with our meeting time every time, there is now a recurring absence form. You will only need to fill this new form out once for the entire semester. If you are using the recurring absence form, you should also print off a copy of your schedule and bring it to the AMSA office or email us a copy at secretary@ufpremed.org so we can validate your conflict.

Individual Absence Form     Recurring Absence Form

Please be aware that social events, studying for exams, and other club meetings are not valid excuses. Additionally, exam prep classes are NOT valid excuses. If you are not sure whether your absence will be excused, submit a form and we will email you if there are any problems. If you do not receive a response, that means that your excuse was accepted.